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Shandong Longxing Plastic Film Technology Corporation Limited is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Shouguang Shouguang Jianyuanchun group, registered capital of 60000000 yuan. Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co. Ltd. was founded in 1951, the headquarters is located in Shandong Province, Shouguang Chenming Industrial Park, is a professional production of Bulk bag, plastic woven bag, BOPP film bag, poly-paper composite packaging materials, various types of industrial packaging film, food packaging film, agricultural film, high grade polypropylene powder and modified plastic large plastic, etc. chemical professional production enterprises, the company covers an area of 1500 mu, with total assets of 1.28billion yuan, including Shandong Longxing plastic sheeting Shouguang Co. Ltd., Shandong Longxing Plastic Co., Ltd., Shandong Jianyuanchun packaging materials Limted by Share Ltd, Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Chemical Co. Ltd., Shandong Changyi Jianyuanchun plastic packaging Limited five subsidiaries.

Shandong Longxing Plastic Film Technology Corporation Limited is the first company to produce PE, EVA, POM, EVOH series of agricultural R & D and production of large plastic products, are widely concerned by all walks of life, enjoys a high reputation. Company production of "Long Xing" brand greenhouse films in 2013 won the "A Well-Known Trademark in China". In 2011 the company further expand the scale of production, investment billions yuan, and cover more than 100 acres of new modern production plant, to established high-end plastic film detection. Companies continue to introduce the world's most advanced EVOH five layer coextrusion blown film production line and imported PO film oven from Japan, committed to the first-class quality products.

the main products are the five layer coextrusion composite EVA sunlight greenhouse film, EVOH, PA composite soil disinfection fumigation film, green film, forage grain fumigation film, aquaculture film, liquid packaging film and other high-end agricultural film. the company's production of "Long Xing" brand of greenhouse film is Shandong famous brand products.what is more, the company mainly engaged in plastic film development and production management, the annual production of "Long Xing" brand, "Jin Long Xing" brand, "Xin Xing" brand of EVOH, POM, EVA, PE in the high-end boutique agricultural film, greenhouse film, special resistant diaphragm, green film, plastic film and all kinds of food grade, industrial packaging film heat shrinkable film, liquid packaging film, geomembrane and other products.

The company has import and export right, obtain "export product quality permit", "the export of dangerous goods packaging containers production enterprise quality permit", passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, AIB certification, HACCP certification, set up functional agricultural greenhouse film engineering technology research center and city level enterprise technology center in Weifang city.

Shandong Longxing Plastic Film Technology Corporation Limited in line with "the good faith management, the user first" business philosophy, to provide customers with quality products,and actively create a integrity and pragmatic, unity and progressive corporate culture, the pursuit of win-win situation in the market competition.


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