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Office add:No.108 Gongyuan west street ,Shouguang city , Shandong province ,China
Production site: Xin hua West RoadHou Town project area,Shouguang city,Shandong province. China.
♦ Statement and sales staff of Longxing Agriculture Film CO.,Ltd 2015-1-29
♦ Our annual output of 10,000 tons of biological bases PBS film project, enter the "National 863 Program" 2015-1-29
♦ Russia LGDV row of three corporate customers to our company to visit 2015-1-29
♦ Vice President of Polymer Science and Engineering, Qingdao University of Science and Technology Professor Huang Zhaoge line to visit the company exchanges 2015-1-29
♦ My company through the on-site audit of plastic sheeting food packaging production license 2015-1-29
♦ My company employees free special training in vocational qualification 2015-1-29
♦ Italy Bandera experts to exchange my company 2015-1-29
♦ July 29, president of the China Association of plastic sheeting to visit the company exchanges, accompanied by chairman Zhao Shilong. 2015-1-29
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