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grain fumigation film


Circulation fumigation system consists of spraying,circulation and device equipment .

Circulation fumigation technology is with good insecticidal effect, with advantages of less medication, average gas distribution, low-cost prevention, personnel safety, obvious environmental benefits, high degree of automation and easy operation.

There are two ways to fix circulation fumigation system pipes,one is fixed and the other one is movable.The fixed way is to fix the pipes to silo wall (fixed to the outer wall is outer circulation, fixed to the inner wall is inner circulation).The movble way is to fix air flow and regulator valve pipe to the silo wall and the fan and outlet air flow balance adjustment device installed in a movable trolley . A hose is used to connect the pipe and the bleed air circulation machine. Our sub-type gas recirculation fumigation devices between fixed and movable, convenient and practical, has been promoting the use of multiple libraries points, praised by users.

According to the pipeline under the grain surface,Circulation fumigation system can be divided into the entire warehouse circulation fumigation and fumigation films circulation. Whole grain warehouse circulation fumigation does not use plastic film on grain surface, fumigation gas circulate in the whole grain warehouse space.This way is best to use for warehouse with good sealing. Under the membrane surface circulation fumigation is the laying of pipes under grain, grain surface covered with plastic film, fumigation gas circulating in the grain surface following the grain heap for various barns airtight conditions. Sub-degree air box easy to use and circulation fumigation system between fixed and mobile. Currently in multiple libraries point applications, the effect is significant. Sub-divided into fixed air box and mobile circulation fumigation system. Fixed means fixed manifold box warehouse wall, portable finger manifold box mounted on a mobile cart. For tightness mainly the new warehouse and the old barn that can be installed at the grain surface circulation piping, grain surface with a thin film sealed when not removing film fumigation. It saves drugs and has reaches good results.

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