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PO membrane

Nine advantages of  PO series films :

1, excellent transparency: High-tech cutting-edge technology, polymer synthesis, light transmission rate of more than 93%, in the second year using transmittance is still up more than 90% . Heating up fast in the morning, good  insulation at night. Especially in the winter, under the same lighting conditions , the effect of PO film is very obvious; on continued cloudy, foggy day it is more apparent. At day ,  the temperature raise up in short time.

2, super sustained anti-fogging, dripping capacity: existing domestic films are generally only last 3-6 months. With using  US high-technology  ,it  add a layer of thin films of high-tech underwear and effectively suppress fog generation. Drops of water on the membrane surface can  form afilm of water and  uniform flow. The period of consumers fog will  up to 3-5 years and effectively reduce greenhouse humidity, reduce the incidence of pests and diseases. And people feel comfortable when working in the studio.

3, strong insulation properties: With special insulation agent in the film,most radiate heat is reflected back and effective locked temperature . Under the same conditions , temperature at night is higher than 1-3 degrees than EVA greenhouse films and ensure that the growth temperature of the crop at night, shortening the maturity. Can effectively prevent the sudden drop in temperature cause frost damage to crops at night .

4, anti-aging, high-strength, long-life: high film strength and long-life.The life of Golden Sunshine 0.1mm thickness will up to 3 years, it can be used continuously for years without removable.

5, applied for rolling macmore than hine, anti-wear, anti -wind: the use of a high-tech US Exxon polyolefin materials, indicators of film strength 0.08mm  is more than 0.12 mm the national standard . anti-tensile, wear resistance, strong wind resistance. Especially applied for rolling machines.

6, anti-static, dust-free: the use of nanotechnology, four-layer structure. anti-static treatment on the surface . No precipitates, easy to absorb dust, to maintain long-term effects of high light transmittance.

7, reduce pests and diseases,applied  for organic vegetable production: Golden Sunshine makes shed plenty of light,  temperature  rises quickly, leaked early, relative humidity decreases, pests and diseases decrease  UV through, good bactericidal properties, can reduce the number of drugs for more than 30%. Very suitable for green vegetables.

8, increase production, early enter the market: good pervious light, strong photosynthesis , high temperature, high output naturally. increase 10-25%. Crop grows fast, and can enter the market  5-10 days earlier.

9, color is bright  and have good taste, high quality: low UV transmittance through the film and let rays throughand so it is approximate with field planting environment. Fruit crop has bright colored cultivation, uniform, good taste, superior quality.

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